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Reliable, Robust and Responsive ICT solutions
The partnership offer a host of services, working in long term relationships with many of their clients to ensure smooth day-to-day running of the business, encouraging development and meeting new requirements where and when necessary. A trusted ICT development consultancy, RJP have been serving the education & voluntary sectors for 15 years.

RJP systems deliver the standard of reliability, responsiveness and security that you would expect from a larger ·corporate· system, at a scale and style tailored for the sector. Our considerate and ethical approach, combined with our knowledge of the sector, enable us to share the vision and deliver relevant services to our clients.

Free Initial Consultation
To help find solutions tailor-made for each client, RJP offers a free, no obligation consultation with new clients. This involves an informal interview with the main ICT contact at the organisation, an analysis of the current ICT infrastructure and a follow up report on findings and RJP recommendations. At no point will your organisation be under any obligations during this process.

Discounts for Smaller Voluntary Sector Organisations
To demonstrate our commitment to developing the voluntary sector we offer discount rates for organisations with turnovers of less than £1,000,000.

Core Services
  • ICT Management Consultancy
  • Systems Development
  • Systems Administration
  • Data Protection \ Security
  • Project Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Support
  • Traditional Server / Workstation networks
  • Newer Terminal Server / Thin Client solutions
  • Multi-office and Remote Working scenarios
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol networks
  • Small Business Server
  • Integrate Mac to PC networks
Business Advice
  • Procurement Brokering
  • Equipment & Services Specification
  • Telecommunications Strategies
  • Software & Hardware Auditing
  • Resource Management
Human Resources & Training
  • Systems Administration Training
  • Production of Job Specifications (ICT Component)
  • Competency Testing
  • Skills Assessment
  • Legislative Compliance Awareness
  • Customised Training

Ethical | Cost effective | User friendly | Greener | Reliable | Flexible

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