Case Studies > The Temporary Office
Summer Uni London

Experiencing massive growth in 2005, Tower Hamlets Summer University required an extension of their original office to quickly accommodate the additional staff for the Summer Uni London (SUL) project, before their new premises was complete.

Using his contacts within the local community, Roger Jones was able to plan, source, and implement a temporary office at the Attlee Youth & Community Centre for the new and smaller SUL team. Within the space of 2 weeks, a small office was setup with a series of ‘Thin Clients’ and VoIP phones, to allow fast and reliable continuity of business.

To the outside world, phone numbers and emails addresses remained consistent, whilst internally the SUL branch had the same access to programmes and data that they would have had from the main office.

A few months later both the parent organisation THSU, and SUL, moved into permanent premises. The continuity of email and phone numbers enabled all concerned to make this a transparent move, causing minimum disruption to communications with their stakeholders and end users.

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