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Account 3: Women’s Consultancy


Office Move
• Need to relocate within short period of time, whilst maintaining some service provision
• Phone system migrated to VoIP, allowing increased flexibility and lower costs whilst retaining the original 0207 number
• Server relocation and reinstatement took a day
• Office back up and running within a week

Training Room
• Short time-frame for training room to be established by looming BCS inspection
• Existing hardware used where possible to save initial expenditure
• Electrician brought in to provide enough data / power points to help meet Health & Safety standards
• Thin Client solution reduced rollout time, with all software installed in one central location
• Very little disruption to staff
• Account 3 graded an ‘A’ following their BCS inspection

In mid-2007, Account 3 found they had to relocate offices as their building was to be redeveloped. As well as the main office area dedicated for staff, Account 3 also included a training room for service users where training sessions and exams were held.

Project management
RJP were brought in to project manage the ICT side of the office move and started with enabling telecoms at the new site to allow a smooth transition for communications. Once telecoms were in place and tested, several VoIP phones were purchased to allow quick installation and migration from the expensive PSTN network. Service users calling the regular phone number were diverted to the new phone seamlessly, offering the flexibility Account 3 required at the time, minimising disruption but also increasing cost efficiency by avoiding the expensive installation of a BT PSTN exchange onsite.

Servers were relocated, and re-established within a day , and RJP were able to implement a mixture of basic cabling and secure wireless connectivity to overcome the lack of power and data points throughout the new open-plan office. Within the week of the move, the rest of the office computers were up and running, allowing Account 3 to continue their service.

Training Room
Once the organisation had settled into their new office, the requirement for their training room to be re-established arose, and RJP were once again given responsibility to have it up and running within a short time-frame of two weeks before their BCS inspection.
RJP sub-contracted electrical work to ensure the room was provided its own circuit for power and data, and corresponding power and data points for every desk. This helped comply with Health & Safety legislation, as all unnecessary trailing cables were eliminated and any remaining were spiral wrapped and cable tied to the back of each desk.

Purchasing for the room took place in an afternoon, from computers to Health & Safety compliant chairs for trainees. Installation of the training room desks & Thin Clients was completed the next day, with the cable tidying (identified previously as “an area for improvement”) taking place on the following day once final positions had been established. Monitors from the old training machines were reused (15” TFTs) to reduce initial expenditure.

Configuring of the dedicated Trainee Terminal Server could take place remotely/in the background, so there was no disruption to staff during office hours. Software was then thoroughly tested with the Training Programme Administrator and RJP Systems Engineer to make sure everything was functioning as needed. Account 3 received an ‘A’ Grade for their training suite on their BCS inspection.

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